【Plum Blossoms in Kyoto】

The best time to see the plum blossoms in Kyoto is around February and March. It would be cool to experience plum blossom viewing in a Japanese traditional costume, kimono.






Please find the following list of main plum blossom viewing spots and the access. You can go from our shop to every listed spot without having to transfer. Very convenient!!


《Main plum blossom viewing spots within walking distance》


1.Heianjingu Shrine: approx. 15 minutes on foot


《Main plum blossom viewing spots by bus》

※ The access routes, time and fares from ‘Gion’, the Kyoto City Bus’s stop right by our shop.


1.Heianjingu Shrine: approx. 10 minutes

‘Gion’ → ‘Higashiyama Nijo, Okazaki Koen-guchi’ (approx. 5 minutes, 230 yen) + approx. 5 minutes on foot from ‘Higashiyama Nijo, Okazaki Koen-guchi’ to Heianjingu Shrine.


2.Nijo Castle: approx. 15 minutes

‘Gion’ → ‘Nijojo-mae’ (approx. 15 minutes, 230 yen) + approx. 1 minute on foot from ‘Nijojo-mae’ to Nijo Castle.


3.Kyoto Gyoen National Garden: approx. 15 minutes

‘Gion’ → ‘Karasuma Marutamachi (subway Marutamachi)’ (approx. 13 minutes, 230 yen) + approx. 2 minutes on foot from ‘Karasuma Marutamachi (subway Marutamachi)’ to Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.


4.Konkai-Komyoji: approx. 20 minutes

‘Gion’ → ‘Okazaki-michi’ (approx. 9 minutes, 230 yen) + approx. 10 minutes on foot from ‘Okazaki-michi’ to Konkai-Komyoji.


5.Kitano Tenmangu: approx. 45 minutes

‘Gion’ → ‘Senbon Nakadachiuri’ or ‘Senbon Imadegawa’ (approx. 30 minutes, 230 yen) + approx. 10-15 minutes on foot from ‘Senbon Nakadachiuri’ or ‘Senbon Imadegawa’ to Kitano Tenmangu.


《Main plum blossom viewing spots by train》

※ The access routes, time and fares from Hankyu Line ‘Kawaramachi’ Station (approx. 10 minutes on foot from our shop)


1.Nagaoka Tenmangu: approx. 25 minutes

‘Kawaramachi’ → ‘Nagaoka-tenjin’ (approx. 15 minutes, 220 yen) + approx. 10 minutes on foot from ‘Nagaoka-tenjin’ to Nagaoka Tenmangu.




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